Ready to Schedule Your First Acupuncture Treatment in McKinney, TX?

Keep reading to find out what to expect at your first visit

When you first visit Daphne Acupuncture Center, we’ll:

Record details about your lifestyle, eating habits and sleeping habits. This will help us better plan your treatment.
Perform a tongue and pulse diagnosis. We’ll accurately assess your condition and map out the acupoints accordingly.
Develop a meridian treatment based on this diagnosis. We’ll target your specific symptoms for optimal relief.

We may also combine your treatment with cupping therapy and Chinese medicine to better improve your health.

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How do you know if acupuncture will help you?

If you’re stressed, depressed or experiencing other negative effects, you can benefit from acupuncture treatment. The acupuncturist at Daphne Acupuncture Center will alleviate your body of whatever’s ailing you and restore you to a healthy state of living.

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Treatment Scheduling

Please make sure to plan enough time for your appointment

Acupuncture Treatment
First Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Follow Up: 1 hour

Typical Session: 20 minutes