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About Me

Daphne Su

Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Clinical Internship (Zhen Xing Hospital, in ShangHai, China)

Daphne Su, L.Ac. (TX), comes from a family of four generations of Chinese Medicine doctors in China. She is dedicated to helping people live a physically healthy and emotionally balanced life. She brings her passion for holistic health care to the clinic. She has helped many people with a variety of chronic health issues, ranging from allergies, asthma, migraines, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, women’s issues (fibroids, menopause symptoms, dysmenorrhea, PMS, and amenorrhea), digestive disorder, high blood pressure, to fibromyalgia.

Daphne has trained under Dr. Chen, a well known acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine doctor in Shanghai, China. Dr. Chen has had more than thirty years of clinic experience in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Dr. Chen was trained by his master whose family are three generations as acupuncturists. He got his special needle technique from his master; some of those skills are almost lost in today’s China. Dr. Chen followed his master for sixteen years . He is really an expert in acupuncture field. People who live close to the hospital Dr. Chen works at all know him. Whenever they get sick and other doctors can not cure them, they come to Dr. Chen’s clinic. Daphne followed Dr. Chen in his clinic for about six months. She learned a lot of special needle techniques for pain management, hypertension, heart disease, and women’s issues. 

In last two year, she combine the balance method with Tung’s acupuncture point to treat more internal and complex issues which bought acupuncture practice to another level.

Daphne also advanced her knowledge by using Balance Method Acupuncture that really opens the chapter of her acupuncture practice. This method is far more powerful than the traditional one. Patients will see instant results during the treatment. This method was developed by Dr. Tan, a famous acupuncturist in the United States who spent his lifetime for it. He has revolutionized the traditional acupuncture that is taught and practiced worldwide. It uses a crystal-clear, three-step treatment strategy that provides logical, precise and effective stimulation of a minimal number of distal points which avoid aggravation of local areas of pain. The most important thing is this method balances whole body Qi and improves flow of the Qi