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Chinese Cupping

Trust Your Pain Management to Chinese Medicine


Do you have unmanaged pain? Are your joints inflamed? At Daphne Acupuncture Center in Plano, Texas, we have a solution. We offer bamboo cupping and sliding cupping services for our clients. These practices are based on ancient Chinese medicine and help clients manage pain and stress, just like a massage does.

Plus, cupping helps stimulate fresh blood flow and remove toxins from your body. Do you want to learn more about this practice? Call (469) 328-3680 to speak with a Daphne Acupuncture Center practitioner today.

5 Things to know about sliding cupping and bamboo cupping

At Daphne Acupuncture Center, we use traditional bamboo cups for this ancient practice. Here are five things to know about cupping before you schedule an appointment:

1. In a sliding cupping session, your practitioner will apply oil or cream to your skin to lubricate it.
2. As the name implies, during your sliding cupping session, your practitioner will slide the cups around your skin.
3. At both sliding and non-sliding cupping sessions, your practitioner will suction the cup to your skin by either lighting it on fire first or using a mechanical pump.
4. Oftentimes, people choose to have a cupping session at the same time as their acupuncture session.
5. Cupping is typically performed on the back.

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